About the author

Hi, I'm Krzysztof Urbańczyk known more as Kris. I'm a python professional starting 2014, but my programming journey is older than that. I'm a backend engineer utilizing core and async python for web development, investment banking (data processing and analysis), DevOps pipelines, CLI tools and more. I'm also a tech lead with a long list of successful project deliveries. Biggest ones are:

  • Murex Migration projects as a Datamart Team Lead
  • Overnight Reporting Schedule Refactoring with autocalibration funtionality for Unicredit Services
  • Setting up Jenkins base platform from Scratch for Unicredit Services
  • Providing Smart Charging solutions for EVs in TrueEnergy

Purpose of this site

My goal is to write about all the best practices which worked for me and my teams. Python is thought to be a simple language especially when compared to C/C++. It is easy to get into it but unfortunately the design aspect of an object-oriented language solution is not so straight forward. On top of that you can ditch the OOP and go functional. It makes more confusion when creating your solution and I'm here to make it easier.

Python learning

Beauty of the internet is that it will answer any question you might have... unless you don't know the question. On top of that there are many copy-paste solutions that describe the basics of the Python, but never the application for it. You can get stuck with google-spam about how a library works but not about high-level edge cases which are the biggest issue when you code. I hope to form some of these questions and provide optimal answers:)